Hi! My name is Cupcake, but people call me “Cuppie”! I’m 10 years old and I have Pug Myelopathy. My mom found PAWS PT to help me stay strong for as long as I can. I’ve been coming for more than 3 years, and the people here have become like family! I actually enjoy the water therapy because this lady feeds me while I walk. The laser therapy is helpful, too, but I really like all of the exercises we do to keep me strong! My mom seems to also have fun while I’m getting help. I sure hope she keeps bringing me!


Hello world! My name is Dexter. I am 13 years old, and I hurt my knee a few months ago. Apparently, I can’t have surgery because of my back issues. My parents found PAWS PT to see if my knee would get better. The peanut butter while I get water therapy is SOOO delicious and then there’s the chicken treats when I exercise! YUMMMM!! I have to stay still though while I get laser and shockwave (which is my only complaint) but I feel so much better once it’s done, so it’s worth it!!



Hi everyone! My name is Colbie. I’m 13 years old and I have arthritis in my back and hips. Before my parents found PAWS PT, I felt so sore that I couldn’t enjoy playing with my brothers and sisters anymore. I even had trouble getting up the stairs and onto the couch. They do this water therapy thing here, which I only like when I get peanut butter. The laser and shockwave feel good and then there’s these fun exercises that are helping me get stronger! I’m so glad that they keep taking me to therapy. I feel young again!



Hellloooooo everybodyyyyyy!!! My name is Zoey. I’m 8 years old and I injured my back over a year ago. Humans call it IVDD and they thought that there was nothing that could be done. It was scary and I couldn’t use my back legs AT ALL. Luckily, my parents found PAWS PT. I come here to get water therapy, laser, shockwave, exercise and see a chiropractor and lots and lots of love!!! All of this stuff and the peanut butter/cheese snacks I get has helped me SOOO much. I can use my back legs again!!!



Hi! I’m Tucker. I am only 11 months old, and I got hit by a car. It broke parts of my pelvis and my hip. My doctor did what’s called an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) and then told my parents to come to PAWS PT. My leg feels weak and sore, but the laser makes it feel better. I really enjoy the peanut butter during water therapy! It takes my mind off of how uncomfortable my leg is so that I can use it.



Hi there! My name is Marcel. I’m 13 years old, and I injured my back. It’s called IVDD which makes my hind legs wobbly. Oh…and I also have arthritis in my both of my hips which hurts quite a bit. Getting older is tough, but I’m so glad my mom found PAWS PT! The water therapy is hard work but oh do I feel stronger afterwards!! The laser and shockwave help with the pain, and I love the goodies I get when I exercise. This lady gives my mom ideas on exercises to do at home. I love the “mommy and me time” I get when we do them!